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      ID Services

      NCMS is introducing a new offering, focused on the development and promotion of your products: ID Services. ?This?suite of services will help you design, test, validate, and market your products and services, giving you a trusted partner in your business’s success.

      With over 30 years of experience working with manufacturers, technologists, scientists, academia, and government, NCMS can tackle problems from an unbiased, industry-oriented perspective. ID Services has a dedicated, experienced project manager ready to work directly with you and your team to craft a custom program. Our unique position makes us ideal for identifying key opportunities and trends across sectors and where your product can have the most impact.

      Need help in another development or promotional area?? NCMS already works with many organizations that might have the solution you’re looking for.

      At NCMS, we maintain a relentless focus on supporting your organization across your product’s lifecycle. ?All NCMS Solution offerings are available to NCMS Members at a discounted rate.

      NCMS’ ID Services includes:

      Product Development

      • Market Research & Surveys
      • Product Design
        • User Experience (UX)
        • User Interfaces (UI)
      • Innovation Workshops
      • Contract Documentation

      Product Promotion

      • Report Productions
      • Branding and Logo Development
      • Marketing Collateral
        • Visualizations
        • Animations
        • Infographics
      • In-depth Interviews/Focus Groups
      • Environmental Communications (Signs/Posters)
      • Documentation

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