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      Virtual Workplace Simulator

      NCMS Project #: 140475

      Problem: Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) East has an aging workforce and has an urgent need for training new employees at the depot.

      Benefit: Projected annual savings from the initial pilot.

      Solution/Approach: The Virtual Workplace Simulator (VWS) stresses the most important purpose of any business or enterprise – stabilizing, improving and sustaining improvements that will create value for the customer. Through a unique combination of Classroom, Simulation, Debrief and Improvement Planning, the Pendaran Method delivers accelerated, sustainable Experiential Learning. The experience combines the learning and development attributes of Boot Camp in a Flight Simulator-like environment. Con-duct a pilot demonstration of the Virtual Workplace Simulator.

      Quad Chart:

      Impact on Warfighter:

      Increase materiel readiness via training that places a greater emphasis on preventative maintenance.

      DoD Participation:

      • U.S. Navy (FRC East)

      Industry Participation:

      • Pendaran, Inc.
      • NCMS

      Benefit Area(s):

      • Cost savings
      • Repair turn-around time
      • Maintenance management improvement
      • Improved readiness